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This year’s theme is “Denim & Diamonds.” Come ready to enjoy a fun-filled evening hosted by the Orange County-based Project Cuddle’s National Spokesperson — John Stamos and Debbe Magnusen, Founder and CEO. There will be a wonderful silent auction, photo opportunities with Mr. Stamos, dinner and then dancing to the Neil Morrow band featuring John Stamos. Meet many of the babies rescued from abandonment through this great charity. We will also be honoring Daytime Emmy Award Winner Michelle Stafford for her support to this cause. Call 714.448.821, or visit
On February 11 at 6 pm

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Ok, so now that your engaged, Now what?  Where do I start…  After the dust settles from the excitement of your engagement. Most couples try to figure out where to start with their planning endeavors. The majority of the time the first thing that is thought about is “Where should we get married?” Once that is taken care of, usually the next step is to start shopping for your photographer.  Lately, with the increase of quality that digital cameras have to offer, you are finding more and more people calling themselves “Professional Photographers”.  We would like to give you a few tips on what to look for when you are soliciting Wedding Photographers.

  1. The Photographer’s Visual Perspective: It is sometimes referred to as the photographer’s eye.  Here is where you need to take notice to what the photographer sees during the day of events. How do these images make you feel? Are they unique or do they look like every other photographer’s work you’ve looked at. Do they look extremely staged? Does the bride and groom look uncomfortable? Does they look like they are having fun?  Are they romantic enough for you?  Are they too riske for you? Do they tell a story?  Finally, which photographer’s work puts a smile on your face and do you feel connected to.
  2. The Photographer’s Experience: In my opinion, experience is a big factor.  It’s important that the photographer that you are gravitating to has experience dealing with the day’s hectic people and schedule. Don’t base your choices on costs.  Wedding days consist of lots of emotions, personalities, and sometimes egos.  The question you should ask yourself is “Does this photographer have what it takes to deal with my families diverse dynamics?”  It’s important for a wedding photographer to be “Chameleon Like” to fit in with the mother of the groom that can’t stand the new wife…   Or the overly eager wedding coordinator that has her job to do. Even your crazy uncle Leo who decides that the line at the appetizer bar is more important than the family photos that he’s supposed to be in. With experience comes patients and an understanding of what a client’s needs are. We are contacted 6-8 times a year to create an album for clients who’s photographer has either gone out of business or just handed them a disc of images. This is a dis-service. It is important that your photographer has the ability to create these memories for you to enjoy with your family.
  3. The ole’ Switch-e-roo.  Now that you’ve decided on what studio will be photographing your wedding. Be sure to get in writing that the photographer you chose (hired) will be the photographer that will show up to your wedding.  Some companies offer multiple shooters to choose from. Others offer services and often double, and even triple book weddings on any given day. Sending any photographer to cover your event. Make sure that the photographer that you interviewed and who’s work you fell in love with, will be the same photographer that will photograph your wedding.

Finally, A photographer with an easy going personality with experience that is flexible enough to fulfill your needs would be your best choice. Ultimately, you should love their photography and there products that they have to offer. Great photography + great personality+ great products  + awesome experience = Happy Clients (Bride & Groom)

These are just a few tips to help you choose the right wedding photographer f0r you. We hope that this article was helpful for you while you are planning your beautiful wedding.  I wrote this article to share an insider’s point of view.  It’s through experience and having had the privilege of photographing hundreds of weddings  that I consider myself both an expert on wedding photography and an expert wedding photographer.  I really hope that you’ve found this article useful in your search to get the best wedding images from your wedding photographer.

If you have any questions about our wedding photography, Please contact us at the links below. Feel free to share this post on your facebook page by clicking the share button below.

Written By Miguel Pola

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Every once in a while I run into a great article of information. My buddy Diana Romero of Ah Le Party Wedding & Event Planning wrote a nice little article on tips for your guest list. You can read it here or visit her blog to read it.  Thanks Diana for the wonderful bits of info you provide for brides. We at Miguel Pola Photographers would like to wish all the newly engaged couples who got engaged of the Holidays the Warmest of Congratulations on your engagement.  Be sure to browse our Wedding portfolio to see some of our amazing couples.



10 Great Guest List Tips

1. Create a guest total depending on your venue limitations and budget
2. Create an A and B list with the A list having the total guest count number
3.  If one side is paying for the wedding such as the Father of the Bride, please set a limit on their list
4.  It is appropriate to give both families the same limit on their lists
4. It isn’t necessary to invite all of your co-workers.  Only invite co-workers if you associate with them outside of the office
5.  Mail out your invitations to your A list ten weeks before the wedding
6.  Write the names of who is invited on the envelope to clarify who is invited (for example just the parents names if children are not included)
7.  As you receive regrets from your A list guests, begin sending out invitations to your B list
8.  Children?  Inviting children costs less as a whole since they eat less and take up less space
9.  If you are inviting single friends keep in mind that if they have a significant other, it is appropriate to invite the significant other
10.If you receive RSVP cards with a number higher than invited, kindly inform the guests that there are venue limitations

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