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The day is warm and beautiful. James arrives at the park fashionably late. He walks over to his good friend Marisa to say hello. Standing with Marisa is Jihan, Marisa introduces James to Jihan. James nervously says hello and walks away to hang out with some of his friends. While chatting with the boys James could not help but to glance over at Jihan every few minutes that day…
Fast forward two years later… The doorbell rings, it’s James, arriving at the same luncheon that Jihan was invited to. The two talked, laughed and talked some more. By the end of the luncheon, James rounded up enough courage to ask Jihan out to Starbucks to get to know each other better. By the end of the Starbucks date they both felt a real connection.
After several months of courtship, Jihan realized this was the man she would marry.
James & Jihan will become one on December 20th, 2008 amongst their closet family and friends.
I can’t wait for your wedding day! The two of you are truly a match that was made in heaven!

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