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Marriage Requirements in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has lots to offer anyone who is planning a destination wedding. For one, you or your guests do not need US Passports to travel there from the US. They have some of the most amazing beaches in the world. They also have many five star resorts that offer great service and exceptional hospitality. So If your thinking of having that beautiful destination wedding on the beach with your closest family and friends why not make it in Puerto Rico.

If you are a Southern California Bride and you are looking to have a Puerto Rico Destination Wedding we are you studio. See, there are some advantages of hiring our studio for your Puerto Rico Destination wedding needs. Some of them being very simple. I speak spanish fluently. So I can communicate all your venue personnel. If your family is from Puerto Rico I’ll fit right in, giving your crazy uncle a hard time and having a great time with your family and friends.

You will find it easy to fulfill all your needs here at our Orange County studio. After your wedding,  you will be able to visit with us in our studio to proof your albums and any other products that may be in your package. You won’t have to wait and wonder when and if your product and service will meet your standards. Our wedding studio is one of Orange County’s sought after wedding photography studios. Even if you on the east coast we would still be able to proof your products and video chat online as we get to know each other. My laid back, fun personality allows the two of you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Which makes capturing amazing images of you and your handsome / beautiful fiance, while in Puerto Rico, effortless. While planning your Puerto Rico Destination wedding, you may find it hard to coordinate with all of your vendors that are in Puerto Rico. With our studio, you will find it easy to make your photography plans a reality. Our new online booking system allows you to add what ever your heart desires to your package. With secure online payments made easy.

Puerto Rico Destination Wedding Photography | Orange County Wedding Photographers

While looking through a magazine (Bienvenidos) my brother brought back from the Island. I ran into a great article of information on Marriage requirements in Puerto Rico.  I was able gather the information just for you.

I hope that it is useful for you in your planning…

Marriage Requirements in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has so much to see and do that couples opting to marry on this beautiful Caribbean island will be tempted to spend their honeymoon here, too. But before you can say “I Do” in this tropical haven there are a couple of things you should know.

Residency Requirements

To get married in Puerto Rico , you don’t need to be a resident or an American citizen. If either party is a citizen or a resident of a country other than the U.S. a declaration certifying  that he or she is not married must be sworn before a Notary Public or other person authorized to administer paths in that country. This declaration must accompany the application.

Marriage License

A marriage license is required a must be requested in writing via the registry address  below. Both the bride and groom must appear in personal the time of applying for the license. The amount of time needed to complete the license requirements is around two months, so prepare in advance.

Laboratory tests

A medical certificate with a VDRL blood test is crucial for the marriage process.  You can submit a medical certificate from a lab in the state or country you reside  (the test cannot be older than14 days on the the day of your  wedding).

Authentication of documents

A quick visit to the Demographic Registry and $30 worth of license stamps gets your license authenticated.


Don’t forget to bring a valid photo identification or your original passports. Non U.S. citizens will need a passport  and  a declaration certifying that he or she are not residents of Puerto Rico, the purpose of the visit is to get married and that he or she will not stay in Puerto Rico longer than the U.S. territory entry states. This declaration must be sworn before a Notary Public or other person authorized to administer thats in that country.

Other Certificates

If you have been divorced or are a widower, please bring the corresponding certificates.

Religious and Civil ceremonies

For your marriage to be legal, it must be performed either by a registered minister, judge or authorized clergyman. Written consent of parents is required where individuals are under 21, but over 16 years of age.

Where to obtain a marriage license

All marriage licenses in Puerto Rico are expedited by the Demographic Registry, and that actually is a one-stop shop. You can contact them by phone or mail regarding any doubts you may have obtaining  your marriage license or certificate. Or download the your marriage license application by clicking here PR Marriage license App

Demographic Registry
P.O. Box 11854
Fernandez Juncos Station
San Juan, PR 00910
Tel (787)767-9120

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