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10 Great Guest List Tips

Every once in a while I run into a great article of information. My buddy Diana Romero of Ah Le Party Wedding & Event Planning wrote a nice little article on tips for your guest list. You can read it here or visit her blog to read it.  Thanks Diana for the wonderful bits of info you provide for brides. We at Miguel Pola Photographers would like to wish all the newly engaged couples who got engaged of the Holidays the Warmest of Congratulations on your engagement.  Be sure to browse our Wedding portfolio to see some of our amazing couples.



10 Great Guest List Tips

1. Create a guest total depending on your venue limitations and budget
2. Create an A and B list with the A list having the total guest count number
3.  If one side is paying for the wedding such as the Father of the Bride, please set a limit on their list
4.  It is appropriate to give both families the same limit on their lists
4. It isn’t necessary to invite all of your co-workers.  Only invite co-workers if you associate with them outside of the office
5.  Mail out your invitations to your A list ten weeks before the wedding
6.  Write the names of who is invited on the envelope to clarify who is invited (for example just the parents names if children are not included)
7.  As you receive regrets from your A list guests, begin sending out invitations to your B list
8.  Children?  Inviting children costs less as a whole since they eat less and take up less space
9.  If you are inviting single friends keep in mind that if they have a significant other, it is appropriate to invite the significant other
10.If you receive RSVP cards with a number higher than invited, kindly inform the guests that there are venue limitations

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