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Kevin & Britney’s First Grade Crush

While we were photographing Kevin and Brittany’s bridal prep photos we noticed a photo in a frame of two little kids standing next to a drinking fountain, the little boy had a smirk on his face and was looking at the girl next to him. Later on in the day our Associate Photographer, John, asked them how they met. Apparently Brittany and Kevin met at during first grade, we were shocked, we’ve been to numerous high school sweetheart weddings, but it’s very rare to see a couple who had seen eye to eye since the first grade.


After the stunning wedding at St Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, on the way to our romantic session with the Brittany and Kevin, we passed by the Elementary School where they first met and we were able to reenact the photo that was taken so many years ago.

We saw sparks between Kevin and Brittany during their first look. From the moment Kevin first saw her in her dress, his eyes teared up. He walked briskly and nervously and tapped her on her shoulder. As soon as she turned and saw him, it was like we stopped existing and time slowed down, we don’t intervene during moments like these and we gave them their privacy and the intimacy that only a first look can give them.




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